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Sometimes I am amazed by the silly things the Federal government chooses to spend money on. I say silly, but even though some of these actions are ridiculous they still harm real people at the expense of the taxpayers.

Today I came across two clandestine government programs to ensnare terrorists and drug criminals, it would seem they have only managed to arrest a brain-damaged man. The ATF agents in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, were selling weapons and other contraband out of a store front. To increase their sales they used Chauncey Wright, who has moderate mental disabilities and an IQ of 50, and ultimately arrested him for his help, even though he did not understand what he was helping. The ATF in Milwaukee is not alone in using this tactic, the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal found at least a half dozen other local branches used store front stings and many entrapped innocent people into illegal activity and bad tattoos. Many of those people also are mentally disabled. This has been such a breach of civil rights that four members of Congress are demanding an investigation.

This new ATF program builds off the disgraced Fast and Furious program, which used our tax money to pay agents to sit and watch cartel gun buyers purchase vast amounts of weapons to wage war in Mexico. The turf war between cartels and the government has claimed over 60,000 lives since 2006. Molly Molloy, a border and Latin American specialist at New Mexico State University, estimates that the deaths could be closer to 100,000. Fast and Furious was abandoned and is disgraced after an ATF agent blew the whistle on the program back in 2010; he just published a book on it if you’re interested to read more.

The ATF is joined by the beleaguered NSA, who in addition to tracking the location of every phone in the world and numerous other crimes, has been using tax money to spy on World of Warcraft players and other gamers. Yes, that means that even your Second Life isn’t safe. It seems that nothing is safe from the NSA anymore, not even your sex life.

Truly, these are all wonderful uses for our limited government resources and money well spent instead of spending it on schools or libraries. I am glad to live in such a logical country with such brilliant leaders.