The Man Behind The Suit

A photo of me from my first safari at Burning Man.

I was born at the end of 1987, riding the New Wave, after the cocaine frenzy of the 80’s had died down, when the one hit wonders left nothing else to wonder about. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended a prestigious public university, before budget cuts eviscerated it, and reduced it to a glorified day-care center for adults. My bachelors is in political science, focusing on constitutional law; I primarily researched cannabis legalization and other civil liberty issues. I currently am putting my degree to use working at a major Bay Area medical cannabis dispensary and as a freelance writer/artist.

You can view my writing on:

ABV Magazine


Americans for Safe Access

Cannabis Now Magazine (digital and print)

Green Market Report

Hemp Magazine

Huffington Post

Oldschool Breeders Association


The Leaf Online


Wine Industry Advisor

High Times (print only)

You can read my bachelor’s honors thesis about the history of Mexico’s drug trafficking organizations here, and read about the loss of civil liberties the people of Mexico have seen as a result of an increasingly militarized war on drugs.

My study “Keeping the Good Faith: How Often Are Cannabis Doctors Sanctioned by California’s Medical Board” was published by CSU Pueblo’s Institute of Cannabis Research as part of their 2017 conference, you can view the abstract and slides here.

Here’s me on CNN talking about why the US needs to legalize all drugs.

  1. I look forward to following your posts!

  2. Riley says:

    I’m not sure you had to hoodwink anyone. Blog looks good, I’m looking forward to more.

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