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I was just linked to an amazing new invention and it’s corresponding kickstarter campaign. The Fly Kly Smart Wheel turns any back wheel into an electric motor that can crank you up 20 extra mph. I have long wanted to take my awesome folding Montague X50 and make it into a space-age folding bicycle that I can take inside buses and trains. People already ask me if it is electric, I really wish it was. I love the work out of cycling, I rely on it in my weekly routine, but since I usually ride in suits some assistance would be nice on my way to work to not mess my suit up. My worry is that it looks like it may be for single speed bikes only. I don’t know if I can fit my gears around the motor, but I want to try!

Unfortunately, the $800 security deposit I was getting refunded, which could have donated to their campaign and got me a Fly Kly Smart Wheel, is instead going to pay for numerous medical bills due to my crash. Awesome. I may still find a way, there are 25 days left in there campaign and I can always buy one later.