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Post 17 - Organic Food Bar Protein


Brand: Organic Food Bar

Product: Protein

Weight: 2.65z / 60g

Cost: $3.29/per, online


Calories: 330

Total Fat: 9g, Sat. Fat 1.4g

Cholesterol: 0g

Sodium: 5mg

Potassium: 364mg

Total Carb: 33g

Fiber: 8g

Sugars: 18g

Protein: 22g

Protein per ounce: 8.3g

Protein, Cost per gram: $0.15

Carb to Protein Ratio: 1.5-1

Vit A: 0% DV

Vit C: 0% DV

Calcium: 10% DV

Iron: 9% DV

Organic, 100% raw, gluten free, cold processed, alkaline forming, non-GMO, vegan, and produced with solar power.

Not made in a gluten-free facility.


I was a little skeptical when I saw the package, the package kind of reminds me of a Power Bar or some other generic protein bar full of fake garbage. Upon closer inspection I saw a really simple ingredient list and none of it was a chemical or something synthetic. This bar was 100% raw and 100% deliciously awesome. While it was the most expensive bar I have reviewed in terms of total cost, the protein per gram cost was one of the lowest and this bar had the highest amount of protein out of any bar I have reviewed so far. This was a very solid protein bar with lots of potassium, but it really didn’t have any other nutrients worth noting. I am intrigued to check out other bars by this company to see if they have something comparable on the protein but with more other nutrients as well. The flavor was pleasant but also kind of bland, it tasted strongly of the dates and nut butter that make it up. You could see the sesame seeds in it and occasionally get a small crunch from them. It had a mouth feel similar to a Power Bar, but softer. The complete lack of chocolate would make this a great bar for Burning Man



Post 9 - Amazing Grass Savory Almond

Brand: Amazing Grass (They don’t have a website)

Product: Green Superfood Sweet and Savory Almond

Weight: 1.6oz / 45g

Cost: $2.49/per, online (not from manufacturer)


Calories: 220

Total Fat: 13g, Sat. Fat 2.5g

Cholesterol: 0g

Sodium: 120mg

Potassium: 260mg

Total Carb: 21g

Fiber: 3g

Sugars: 12g

Protein: 6g

Protein per ounce: 3.75g

Protein, Cost per gram: $0.42

Carb to Protein Ratio: 3.5-1

Vit A: 10% DV

Vit B12: 2% DV

Vit C: 6% DV

Vit K: 6% DV

Calcium: 4% DV

Iron: 10% DV

Organic, cold processed, gluten free, non-GMO, and vegan.

Not made in a gluten-free facility.


Pretty tasty, better than most protein bars but nothing spectacular or memorable. The bar is a mass of nuts and chocolate chips mashed together with a superfood greens blend, it’s got rose hips, maca, acai, spirulina, and tons of other really healthy and tasty things in it…albeit in very small amounts. While this advertises being a superfood bar the only benefit it has over anything else I have reviewed so far is being cold processed. There really wasn’t anything remarkable about this bar but it would be pretty good for Burning Man since it isn’t a chocolate-heavy bar. I was pretty impressed that the company that makes this bar has no website of any sort for any of their products, it is all sold through third parties. Maybe I am weird but that makes me a bit skeptical of Amazing Grass and any other company that doesn’t have a website to provide information about them and their products.