Vacation to Wisconsin

Posted: January 20, 2014 in History, Science
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Hey readers, just wanted to give you a heads up that I am on vacation till the 28th and will likely be posting a lot less until then. Presently I am trying to stay alive in the coldest colds I have ever felt. It’s not the -50 it was before I got out here, it’s been in the positives and today is the first day of snow since I arrived on the 18th. While I had some anxiety that nothing I owned would be warm enough and went to the lengths of buying thermal underwear, yet I’ve been quite comfy even without the thermals. Though they have not been used yet I am sure they will and I would still fully advise bringing some with you if you step into the polar vortex. Thankfully the polar vortex has passed for now and I have lucked out, but it seems that another freezing arctic blast is on the way.

Not too much to post so far, haven’t done much sight-seeing yet other than the EAA museum. While I came to Oshkosh to visit a friend and lover, knowing little about the local history, apparently  this town has been known across the world for generations because of their rich history of flight. The EAA got its start in Oshkosh after WWII when Paul Howard Poberezny came back home from the war and channeled his life-love of flight with his wartime skills into the new Experimental Aircraft Association. If you ever get the chance to come to Oshkosh I highly recommend checking out the EAA museum, or if you are here at the end of July check out the AirVenture air show.

Today I’ll be going to check out a fancy charcuterie shop to try some real local cheeses. I’ll probably update this later on with some cheese reviews. For now the point of this post is merely to alert my readers to a brief absence.


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