Activist Alert: San Francisco 11/23 4-6pm

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Internet, Politics
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This is a new type of post I’m thinking about doing periodically. Like many non-profits I’m debating doing “Activism Alerts” to tell you folks about interesting or unique activism opportunities coming up in different areas. Not sure if I’ll continue it or not, but this one is too good to pass up.

I really love Restore the Fourth, though they are a new group they are very active fighting for our 4th amendment privacy rights. They are also very vocal about the need to roll back the NSA spying. Here in SF they are linked in with national heavy-hitters like the ACLU and EFF, as well as local groups like Occupy Oakland. I just began working with them a few weeks back online and have only made it out to one event so far, and I am very impressed with everything I have seen and heard.

The Restore the Fourth open strategy meeting this Saturday will be my second event and I imagine much more informative and influential going forward. As the blog title says it is from 4-6pm this Saturday the 23rd, and it will be held at Wichcraft (868 Mission St, SF). It should be a very worthwhile conversation for anyone who cares about their privacy rights, rights online, or really anyone who cares about still having rights at all (since the Federal government is working pretty hard to eliminate them).


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